Mistress Cabaret

(Classic burlesque with a twist)4:00 min
In one Word; explosive! This act is pure energy. The costume has a fetish and a kinky vibe. She is in full control and impatient... Everything twice, NOW!  The incarnation of passion!! The reveals are surprising and unpredictable. You are in for hell of a ride! 


Picture ; PixZabelle



(Classique burlesque)6.25min
Madrose is an ode to olfactive memory. The act is compose in 3 parts .. inspired by the three notes of a perfum. She is passionate, nostalgique and completely abandon herself to the memory. The prop is a one of a kind velvet rose boa. The act has an explosive ending with rose petals and feather fans!


Picture ; PixZabelle


Absinthe fairy 

(neo burlesque)4:25min

The green fairy is known as a symbol of transformation; be prepare for a flamboyant and innovative costume reveal! The act is a mesmerizing enchantement. 

Props; Isis Wings, flag

Musique; Patrick Watson - The things we do

"She is the symbol of transformation. Green Fairy isn't just another name for absinthe: she is a metaphorical concept of artistic enlightenment and exploration, of poetic inspiration, of a freer state of mind, of new ideas, of a changing social order. She was the symbol of thirst (for life). "


Blood Moon/lunacy 

(neo-burlesque) 4.25 min
Blood moon is inspired by the effect the moon has on our energy and spirit. It is the personification of animal instinct. The meeting point between empowerment and abandon. The costume is dark, yet dazzling with a feather headpiece and skeleton sceptre.
it is intense, loud and it bites...
I dont think you've ever seen floorwork like this before. 

*This act won the semi finale of Imperial Burlesque Canada.


Picture ; Patrick St-amour

Madrose_rose 25.jpg

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